Hello world!

Blog. Okay, I have to say I have never kept a journal or publically written anything before. Therefore, I have named my site Hugg’s Spaced out Space. It may take me some time before I am comfortable writing down my thoughts for others to scrutinize. First off, I am an aging 48 year old man who is happily married, we have a dog, Belle, who is 12 1/2 years old and requires lots of special attention due to some health issues. My Wife and I both own our own businesses and work them out of our home. My wife is a professional with her business and I am in construction. Long ago, I met my wife while I was working on the road. This was 22 years ago. I dated her for almost 11 years before asking for her hand in marriage. This was probably one of the most selfish things I ever did in my life. No, not asking her to marry me, but for thinking I should stay single for all those years. In this one selfish act, I probably doomed us for ever having children of our own. In being so selfish, when I knew for a long time this was the girl I wanted to marry, I changed both of our lives, from that point on. Anyway, finally I pulled my head out and did the right thing and asked her to marry me. We got married June 25, 1994. Since that time we tried unsuccessfully to have children. There is a lot of stuff that happened inbetween then and now, which I will get into some, later. In the last few years we have come to finally admit that we will most likely never be able to have children of our own. We decided to get into the Fostering program and try to at least give some children that have either lost their parents or have no loving parents a chance to be cared for. I am happy to say we received our first Foster child last week. Everything with her, Sandy, is working out great. My wife and I are very happy. This is all for now, this is my first post, stay tuned and maybe I will fill in the big gaps……….